Play it like It's hot
How much is the fish and how much the fire? What happens when one enters the post-play-era? Is the fun over, or is it only getting started?
Kathleen, 722 classifieds so far, average 3h answering rate, is selling her sons Playmobil firefighter set, a pink hoody, a Playmobil pirate set (ship with a skull logo on the sail included), a short ball dress in light green with a small but irrelevant stain, a smartwatch in original packaging and a Nokia mobile phone in hot pink with the charger. Do you call 911 for emergencies or 666 for the next adventure?
While the ocean is burning, weapons are not being prohibited on the other side of it. Other rights are the abyss. A window pops up, telling you your watchlist is full, asking you to delete a couple of realities or to advertise your own.

Die Installation Play it like It's hot war Teil der Gruppenausstellung SeenBy 17- Profiling im Museum für Fotografie Berlin.