Installation View Eric Tschernow, Berlin © Galerie Friese 2022 Courtesy the artists

So, 2022 what’s going on, have we evolved past anything? What do we see when we look around or better what does the two headed snake camera capture when the time is right? Do we even still dare to make a classic phone call when we know the other side will most likely actually potentially answer? Ah cringe, someone's picking up. How often do you feel the compulsion to look over your shoulder, not because someone is screaming at you on the red carpet, but in fear?! Not fear of having left your phone behind and missing out, but an overwhelming angst of not being able to dial the right number in a moment of urgency. Pushing the button to just skip from one problematic clip to the next. Writing this in the middle of the night not on a romantic notepad on my nightstand but on my phone hidden under the left Bettdeckenzipfel. Someone might say oh no don’t look into the toxic phone light at night, you won’t be able to sleep! But I am already wide awake - and knowing the very dimmed light and the muted keyboard sounds wont wake up the person sleeping next to me is quite a technological achievement.

Call on Me
Siebdruck auf Glasfaser-Löschdecke, LED
160x180 cm
[Bild 1, rechts]

Handyman2000 or Consumption_or_usage_of_beer_and_slot_machines
Digitaldruck und Acryl auf Acrylglas
[Bild 1, links]

Geschmorte Ochsenschulter (mit Knochen)
Keramik, Stahl, Lack, Gummimatte, Accessoires
Ca 70x120 cm (Keramik 43x24x6cm)
[Bild 2]

Bum Bum (Click)Bait
Farbkarte Telemagenta nach RAL, zwei Lagen Filterfolie, Digitaldruck
13x18 cm
[Bild 3]

Idiots (like us) who like ringing bells and flashing lights
Sound, Plexiglas, Telefonhörer, Acryl, Rasberry pie, Programmierung (Credit: Christoph Lawerentz), Voice-Over-Credits: Vincent Hulme
18x21x9 cm, verschiedene Längen
[Bild 3, rechts + Bild 4]